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Our Indiana Legal Group Focuses On Employment Law Cases

Our firm focuses on helping individuals who believe their employers may be paying them incorrectly and keeping the money they have rightfully earned. If you think your employer owes you unpaid wages or overtime pay, or that it is violating minimum wage laws, contact The Law Office of Robert J. Hunt, LLC  We also help employees who have been victims of discrimination, harassment, retaliation or wrongful discharge.


Unpaid WagesUnpaid Wages

Employment law can be very complicated. This means there are plenty of ways for your employer to engage in wage theft and cheat you out of the money you've earned. Don't you want those unpaid wages? Figure out if your employer has broken overtime laws, minimum wage laws, or unpaid wage laws.

Family Medical Leave ActFamily Medical Leave Act

The FMLA is a powerful federal law that protects employees who need to take leave from work for medical conditions affecting themselves and family members.  If you have been denied FMLA leave or fired for taking FMLA time off, you may have a legal claim against your employer.


It takes courage to stand up for what is right.  Federal and state laws protect employees who have been subjected to unlawful retaliation by supervisors and bosses.   If your employer has retaliated against you, The Law Office of Robert J. Hunt, LLC can assist you in determining whether you have a retaliation claim. 


Workplace discrimination can be a devastating and hurtful experience.  The Law Office of Robert J. Hunt, LLC provides free information to help you understand employment discrimination law, avoid making everyday mistakes that can hurt your employment claim, and choose the right Indiana employment lawyer for your case. 

Sexual HarassmentSexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is never acceptable, but it is common in workplaces throughout Indiana.  The impact of sexual harassment can be devastating for victims.  Contact The Law Office of Robert J. Hunt, LLC to learn about your legal rights and to start taking steps to stop sexual harassment.

Employment ContractsEmployment Contracts

Often, an employee does not discover the impact of an employment contract until after an employer accuses the employee of a contractual violation.  The Law Office of Robert J. Hunt, LLC represents Indiana employees in a wide variety of contract matters, including severance, non-competition and non-solicitation contract disputes.

Wrongful DischargeWrongful Discharge

Although not every unfair employer action is illegal, federal and state employment laws exist to protect employee rights.