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Sexual Harassment


Sexual Harassment Laws Protect Employee Rights

The Law Office of Robert J. Hunt, LLC represents employees who are subjected to workplace sexual harassment.  Sexual harassment can take many forms.   Inappropriate touching, sexual comments, and requests for sexual conduct can create a workplace that is hostile, intimidating and offensive.  If you are being subjected to sexually inappropriate behavior at your job, you do not have to tolerate it.  It does not matter whether the harasser is your coworker or supervisor.  Under the law, your employer is legally obligated to create a workplace free of sexual harassment. 

Our Employment Lawyers Will Help You Put a Stop to Sexual Harassment

The majority of our clients have never been involved in a lawsuit. We understand that the decision to hire a lawyer and file a lawsuit against a current or former employer cannot be taken lightly. We will do our best to provide straightforward answers to your questions. If you are a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, there are steps you can take to protect yourself, end the harassment, and take legal action if necessary.  The Law Office of Robert J. Hunt, LLC provides free information to help you avoid making mistakes that can harm your sexual harassment legal claim.  Contact us at 317-743-0614 for a free case evaluation with an Indiana sexual harassment attorney.