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What You Need To Know About Indiana Employment Contracts


The Importance of Being Proactive

Starting a new job can be an exciting opportunity for career growth. It is also a time when many employees are asked to enter into employment contracts that may have a significant impact on their careers, including contracts that limit your ability to work for a competing company or in the same field of employment. The best time to consider the terms of an employment contract is before you sign it. If you have questions about the terms you are agreeing to, contact The Law Office of Robert J. Hunt, LLC, to review your contract with an employment lawyer.

Employers who offer severance agreements almost always do so because they are seeking something of value from a departing employee. Whether it is a full legal release to prevent you from filing a lawsuit, or a last minute attempt to bind you to a non-competition agreement, employers often insert unfavorable terms in severance agreements. Before you sign a severance agreement, consider having an experienced employment attorney review what will become a contractual agreement between you and your former employer. The Indianapolis lawyers at The Law Office of Robert J. Hunt, LLC have many years of experience and can help you understand the implications and risks of signing a severance agreement.

Our clients include a wide range of employees affected by employment contracts, including doctors, members of upper management, computer programmers and salespersons. No matter what your job, no matter how complicated your employment contract, we can help you understand the terms and protect your rights.

When your contract is the source of a dispute between you and your employer, talk to the experienced employment law attorneys at The Law Office of Robert J. Hunt, LLC, about taking action. We work hard for the best possible results under Indiana law. Contact us at 317-743-0614 for a free case evaluation with an attorney. If we accept your case, you will not be charged a retainer and there will be no attorney fee unless we recover money on your behalf.