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Employment Law Firm Helping With Overtime Pay Law, Minimum Wage Law, and Unpaid Wage Law

The Law Office of Robert J. Hunt, LLC focuses the majority of its legal practice on collecting unpaid wages and compensation for employees. If you have a dispute with your employer regarding the wages you have earned or the hours you have worked, The Law Office of Robert J. Hunt, LLC. is the law firm to contact. We have the experience and resources to litigate single and multi-employee lawsuits against both large and small employers. We have represented thousands of employees in wage and hour lawsuits involving overtime and unpaid wages.

Federal and state wage and hour laws exist to help employees receive fair pay and to protect them from wage theft. If you are a non-exempt employee, you must be paid minimum wages in accordance with federal and state laws, and also be paid overtime in the amount of one and a half times your normal hourly rate for any hours worked in excess of 40 in a workweek. Many employers and employees mistakenly believe that the payment of a salary and/or a commission automatically exempts employees from the payment of overtime and minimum wages. This is not necessarily true. To be exempt, your job position must meet both payment and job duty requirements that are set forth under federal and state laws.

In addition to overtime and minimum wage laws, most states have laws that address wage disputes, permissible wage deductions, the timing of paychecks (including final paychecks), and vacation pay.

Employers regularly violate federal and state laws dealing with overtime, minimum wages, tips, vacation pay and payroll deductions. If you believe that you are not being paid correctly, please fill out our online consultation form or contact us at 317-743-0614 for a free case evaluation.

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For Indiana employees, The Law Office of Robert J. Hunt, LLC can file overtime lawsuits in federal courts located Indianapolis, IN; South Bend, IN; Fort Wayne, IN; Hammond IN; Terre Haute, IN; LaFayette, IN; Evansville, IN; and New Albany, IN.